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Budget Travel Tips

You want to travel to Panama, but you’re on a tight budget. Here are a few tips that may help you:

Flights and lodging will be cheaper if you come during the “off/rainy season”, which is May through October in Panama.

Flights: Try to book your flights to travel during mid-week (Tuesday through Thursday) as these flights are normally less full than other days of the week and prices may reflect it. In the US, Rumor has it that the best day and time to buy plane tickets is at 3pm eastern standard time on Tuesdays as many airlines update their sales on Monday evening and the adjustments finally reach the airline reservation sites by this time.

Other considerations: Look into repositioning cruises. See here for the one in Panama

Lodging: There is alternative lodging available that will help you keep costs down.

Try and as they may have cost effective places to stay.

For the adventurous traveler, try the rooms are free and having a host that lives here would  give you access to a wealth of information from a local.

Hostals/hostels (potato/potatoe). There are plenty of hostals in Boquete from which to choose, Most of which have private rooms available and all of them have dorm rooms.  Hostals normally have lockers available for valuables, common areas with TV and a communal kitchen.  They are a great place to meet people and find out what is going on in town.  The dorm rooms will be the cheapest as you will be sharing a room with multiple people. If you do decide to stay in a dorm room at a hostal, please see these tips

WWOOF ! This is an organization that sets you up to work at an organic farm or I’ve even seen hostals listed needing help. If you’re handy, I’m sure you can find a “job”. Your roof, bed and food is taken care of in trade for work. I understand it’s a very rewarding experience.

What are your budget saving tips? I would love to hear them.



Hummingbirds Everywhere!

Years ago, I heard about a place in Potrerillos Arriba, that has an amazing amount of Hummingbirds. 5 years later, (shame on me) I gave this place a call and asked to come by with a friend of mine to check it out. Gail and Dennis were more than gracious with my request and we were there the next morning.

I didn’t count how many hummingbird feeders they had off of their balconies, but my guess would be about 20 or so. They have around 22 different species of Hummingbirds. I remember hearing a long time ago that these folks go through 5 lbs of sugar each day to feed these birds.  After seeing what I did today, I believe it.

If you are visiting Boquete and would like to go off the beaten path and visit this place, which I recommend, here is the information. Their website is Call them for an appointment, rather than emailing. They request only a donation of sugar for your visit. They are located in Potrerillos Arriba, which is around an hours drive from Boquete. A map is available on their website.  The best time to go is January through May, during the dry season as the last 7 km is on a gravel/dirt road.  During the raining season a 4X4 vehicle will be required.

I can’t thank them enough for their hospitality and their love for the birds is heartwarming. It was a morning wonderfully spent!

Unfortunately, I only have a simple point and shoot camera, but I’m still proud of these camera shots. See the gallery below.

Repositioning cruise deal

Are you looking for a travel bargain to Panama?  Join many others who are going on Royal Caribbean’s repositioning cruise on November 13, 2013.  Departs from Miami and arrives in Colon, Panama.  How much?  Interior cabins are $99.00.  Other cabins are available and they don’t cost much more, so check it out.

Spirit Airlines has one way flights available returning from Panama City back to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for $125.00 right now.

Repositioning cruises offer the same services, entertainment and relaxation as any other cruise out there.  You’ll stay busy and content as there is always something to do or not.  Casino, bar, restaurant, shows, gym and/or spa will definitely hold your interest.  If you are looking for a little down time, hit a lounge chair with a good book.  The beauty of it is that you will arrive in Panama relaxed and well fed.  No jet lag, no race, you’ve enjoyed your time before even arriving in Panama.

What a great way to come to Panama!  Total cost would be 224.00 round trip and not to mention you would have free food on the cruise.  It’s an easy, low cost and very relaxing way to get to your destination.

Royal Caribbean has the repositioning cruises here every year.  In April the repositioning cruise will return to Florida and then back again in November.

Don’t forget to make a stop in Boquete!

Short Story: Ngobe Indian Bar Fights – Tray Tables Up

Permission was given to reblog this here.  I believe it’s culturally noteworthy and a very well written piece.


by Stephen May on June 23, 2012

In December of 2009, my wife, Joyce, and I traveled to Panama for a quick getaway with our friend Bill. Halfway through the trip, we hung up the rental car keys for a few days of relaxation in Boquete, a quaint village nestled into the western highlands of Panama, just a stone’s throw east of the Costa Rican border.   Continue reading

A Coffee Tour…A waterfall…and New Friends…Oh my! | Let The Adventure Begin!

Holly Carter is a new resident of Boquete, Panama and has a great blog.  I thought this piece would be interesting to many of you.  Visit her link below for more pictures or other stories.


Once again my blog has enabled us to become acquainted with more great people. Dan and Janet arrived in Boquete a couple days ago. They had somehow found my blog while researching Panama as a destination for their retirement.  Continue reading

The Art of Travel


You’ve planned or are planning your trip to Panama and want that little something extra before you leave to get the excitement going?  Check out the movie “The Art of Travel”.  It’ll become a favorite among your travel movies.

A young guy about to get married, have kids along with the house and white picket fence and things go horribly wrong.  Queue the violin music.  He decides to go on his “honeymoon” by himself and problems occur along his trip as he explores Central America.

That being said, the majority of the movie is about him meeting up with a small group on a mission to cross the Darien Gap, which is a 100 mile long tract of jungle between Panama and Colombia. The Darien Gap has long been known to be dangerous but that only encourages this group to move forward.  The scenery is raw and beautiful.  I won’t say anything more about it as I don’t want to spoil the end of this trek and the end of the movie, but put your explorer hat on and enjoy it.

The art of travel is to deviate from the current plan.”

Do you need inspiration to travel?

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