Emergency Contacts in Boquete

If you need emergency assistance and only speak English, call Alto al Crimen hotline at 6477-6662.

Other numbers of importance:

  • Boquete Police – The officer in charge at the district headquarters is Lieutenant Arnold Fuentes Patiño.  The emergency number 720-1222 available 24 hours a day, offering their services.  Located on 4th Street. SUR o Calle 5ta. SOUTH or 5th Street, next to the Fire Station in Boquete.
  • Boquete Fire Dept – 720-1224 103.  Located on 4th Street. SOUTH at the side of the premises of the Municipality of the District of Boquete
  • Emergency – 911 from a landline.

Boquete Medical Clinics

Dr Chen – cell: 6676-7132 General Practitioner.  Located across the street from Melo.

Dr. Sue King Loo and Dr. Alfonso Mou – 720-2434.  General Practitioners.  Located on Main Street next to La Reyna Department store.

Clinica Valle Boquete – No telephone.  General Practitioners.  Located behind the Fire Station and across from the Police Department.  Opened from 7am – 7pm.

Boquete Dentists

Dr. Monica Sanjur –  720-1152 (speaks Spanish/English) Located on the back road above Romeros, across and up the street from Melo.   monicasanjur@hotmail.com

Dr. Jeffrey Joyner Tel. 720-2341. Cel. 673-9908 (speaks Spanish/English)


ANY PharmaciaLocated on Central Avenue.  720-1296

Pharmacia Revilla – Located on Central Avenue.  720-2995


24 hour ATMS can be found at all the banks.  (Caja de Ahorros, Banco Nacional, Global Bank, Banco General, Multibank)  Check the “City Map” for the different locations at boquetetravelguide.com/maps/