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Getting Here

How to get to Boquete, Panama

Before making flight reservations, make sure your passport isn't about to expire and has pages available for stamping into and out of the country.  Passport needs to be valid at least 6 months for your return date.

If you are arriving from outside Panama, you will fly to Panama City (airport code - PTY) - Tocumen International Airport.

On your flight, make sure you have a pen handy.  During your flight you will be given 2 forms to fill out.  One is a Customs Declaration form, the other is an Entry form.  The Entry form is the smaller of the two forms.  Fill these out before your arrival into PTY and it will make life a little easier.

Arriving at the airport, disembark and follow the signs to Immigration control.  On the lower level of the Immigration area there are bathrooms available for you in this area, so if you need to go, do so before getting in line.

Immigration will want to see your passport and your Entry form.  You will get your passport back, but they keep the Entry form.

Go to baggage claim and pick up any luggage.  After picking up your luggage you will then have to go through Customs which is located right outside the baggage claim area, towards the exit.  It's called "Aduana".  You will give them the Customs Declaration form.  At that point, put your luggage through their X-ray machine.  Then you can exit "Salida".

Welcome to Panama!


By Air:

You can fly out of Tocumen Airport (PTY is the airline code) to David now on Copa Airlines.  The baggage weight limit on the international flight from PTY to DAV is the same at 50 lbs.

You can also fly from Panamas Regional Airport - Allbrook Regional Airport, airport code PAC on Air Panama  (  Check their website for schedules and fares.  Be aware that the regional airport is about a 40 minute drive from Tocumen airport and it will cost about $35.00 via taxi.  Always ask the driver how much before you get in the vehicle.

Special Note - If you decide to fly out of the Regional Airport via  Air Panama  the baggage weight limit from Panama City to David is 30 lbs.  If you have more luggage, ask the taxi driver to stop by Fletes Chavales.  Fletes Chavales (  They charge around $5.00 a bag to ship to Boquete and it will be here the next day for pick up.  Otherwise, be aware that you will pay overweight baggage fees on Air Panama.  The last time I checked, the overweight baggage charge is .80 cents a pound.

Once you arrive at PAC, go and check in at Air Panama.   I've found that the employees at Air Panama speak both English and Spanish.  An attendant will want to go through your luggage by hand before it is sent to the airplane.   30 minutes before your flight is to depart, you will be asked to enter the boarding area (separate room).  Your carry ons will go through an Xray machine and you will go through a metal detector.  You will be asked for your passport and boarding pass.

When it is time to board your flight, you will walk outside and get into the plane.  45 minutes later you will arrive in David (DAV).  Make sure you keep you baggage check tags readily available as once you land in David, you will go straight to baggage claim.  They will want to see your baggage check tags before you will be allowed to take your luggage.

There are many car rentals available at the David Airport and Taxis are readily available.  Taxi rate to Boquete is $25.00 to $35.00.


By Bus:

When exiting Tocumen International Airport (PTY) you will want to ask a taxi to take you to Allbrook Bus Station.  The taxi will cost $30.00 to $35.00 and take about 40 minutes.  When you arrive at the Bus station, find the ticket center that says "David".

Panama City to David - Tickets are normally $15.75 pp - Regular bus or $18.75 pp - Express bus.  You must also purchase a "Metro Libre" card.  Upon leaving the waiting area to get on your bus, you must pass through a turnstile area.  To get through this turnstile, you have to swipe the Metro Libre card which is 25 cents per person.  There are a few places, in the bus terminal, that sells these cards and puts the correct amount on it for you.  Here's a picture of the card and you will notice the logo at the place to purchase them.  In Spanish it is called a "Metro Tarjeta".

068 (640x480)

Bring a sweater with you.  The bus fully utilizes their A/C and you will be chilled throughout your bus trip.  During your bus trip, there will be a movie playing and the volume is on loud.  It may behoove you to bring along a set of ear plugs as well.

There is a stop in or near Santiago for your to stretch your legs and grab a bite to eat.

The bus schedule is as follows:  (prices and schedule subject to change)

Leaves                 Arrives

David to Panama City  Tickets are normally $15.75 pp - Regular bus or $18.75 pp - Express bus.  There is a stop in or near Santiago for your to stretch your legs and grab a bite to eat.

The bus schedule is as follows:  (prices and schedule subject to change)

Leaves              Arrives


Almost there (via bus)....

When you arrive at David's Bus Terminal, you can immediately go and jump on a bus to Boquete.  On the buses windshield it will say "Boquete".  No need to purchase a ticket in advance, as they will take your fare midway through the ride.  Cost is $1.75 pp.  These buses leave David every 20 to 30 minutes.  The ride will take about an hour.  The bus will drop you off in Boquetes Central Park area.  Depending on where you are staying you can either walk or take a taxi at a cost of a dollar or two to your respective destination.  Note:  The last bus from David to Boquete leaves at 9:00 pm.


Almost there (via taxi)....

When you arrive at David's Bus Terminal, taxi's will be plentiful.  A taxi ride to Boquete will cost $25.00 to $30.00 and take about 35 minutes.



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