…and getting there.  Step by step directions from Boquete to Volcan.

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A few years ago, to get to Volcan you had to go through David and then Concepcion into the town of Volcan.

There is now a new(ish) road to Volcan that takes you through Potrerillos Abajo and the trip now only takes about an hour and 15 minutes.  I do not recommend doing this unless you’ve been in Boquete for awhile and have seen everything you wish to see.

When you leave the main street at Central Park (as if you were going to David) follow the main road, via Boquete, for 23.5 kms.  When you get to the Terpel Station which is located right before you enter Dolega, make a HARD right.

(horrible picture I know, but you’ll get the idea)

Terpel Dolega

Go 9.7 kms to this ‘Y’ and take a left towards Potrerillos Abajo.


Go 8.9 kms to a hard left on paved road.

Volcan Directions

Go 6.5 kms and take a left here.


Go 2.3 kms and turn right towards “Cuesta de Piedra”

Cuesta de Piedra

Go 9.7 kms and turn left towards “Cuesta de Piedra”

Boquete directions

In 1.2 kms take a right towards “Cuesta de Piedra”

Boquete to Volcan

Go 3.0 kms and take right to “Volcan”.

Volcan almost there

The town of Volcan is another 11 kms ahead.  Enjoy!