Boquete Taxi Drivers

Now that you’ve read about Getting to Boquete, read further about taxis –

$1.00 to $2.00 will get you pretty far in Boquete using a taxi.  They are plentiful around town and will be seen in a “yellow” vehicle with appropriate signage.

Here is a list of a few Taxi Drivers in Boquete and Telephone numbers to keep with you during your stay:

Daniel Higgins (Spanish/English) Very fluent in both languages.  You can hire him for a 1/2 day or full day if needed.  6617-0570

Fernando Gutierrez (Spanish/English) 6484-7339 or 6792-2247

Alex Ortega (Spanish/English) 6983-1391 or 6482-7779   Doesn’t work weekends

Orlando (Spanish only) 6783-7523

Juan Erik Urena – (Spanish/English) 6416-2370 or 6258-6658