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Bajo Mono - Lost Waterfalls

Bajo Mono - The Lost Waterfalls and more...

One of the prettiest drives in Boquete is to the Bajo Mono area.   If you want to have a nice sightseeing and hiking day, this is a great thing to do for a day or two.  These directions include the following stops along the way:  Rock Climbing area, San Ramon Waterfall, the Lost Castle, Lost Waterfalls (3) and Baru National Park.As a side note:  It's difficult to get lost around the roads in Boquete as almost all of the roads loop back into town.

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Start out on the main street at Central Park and drive north of town for 2 km.  You will pass Café Ruiz along the way, which has a wonderful coffee tour daily that leaves at 9am.  (You must have reservations a day in advance)

Cafe Ruiz Boquete

At the 2 km mark you will be at this "Y" in the road - Go left.

By the way, on the side of the road here is a roadside stand called Milquiburger.  They have phenomenal fried chicken!  (Opens between 4pm - 4:30pm and closes when he is sold out)

Bajo Mono directions

Drive an additional 1.3 km to another "Y" in the road and go right.

Bajo Mono directions

You will see a sign on your right that says "Bajo Mono".  Travel on this road for only 0.5 kms and you will see the place for rock climbing!

Rock Climbing Boquete

Moving forward passed the rock climbing area (which from the 2nd "Y" will be 1.3 km) you will be at this crossroads.  Take a left here.

Bajo Mono directions

When you take a left, go 1.6 kms and San Ramon Waterfall is on your right hand side.

San Ramon Waterfall

Continuing the same route to 2.8 kms (1.2 kms further) is the "Lost Castle", which is breathtaking.

Lost Castle Boquete

Continuing further another 1 km, you will see a turn off to your right and will see this sign to the "Lost Waterfalls".
Lost Waterfalls Trail

Take the right and go 1.2 kms.  There are places on your right hand side to park.  Now it's time to hike.  Have good boots on and stamina as there are 3 waterfalls down/up this trail.  This is actually my favorite hike!  The beauty of this place is incredible.  Be prepared and in decent shape as even the seasoned hikers return feeling as though they have accomplished something that day.  The entrance fee is $7.00 pp.  If you want an easy hike, go to El Tatica or the Pipeline Trail.

It will take about 25 minutes to get to the first waterfall.  10 minutes to get from the first to the second and another 20 minutes to get to the third.  Getting to the third waterfall is a bit tricky as you have to finagle huge boulders and hold on to some vines to get there, but arriving at the third one is definitely worth it!  Take it easy/slow if you need to and make a day out of it.

Here's a great video regarding the Lost Waterfalls of Boquete: 1

Afterwards, if you still want to do a little hiking.  Continue on this road to the Volcan Baru National Park area.  It's an additional 1.5 kms ahead of you.  Park your vehicle near the rangers station.

Baru National Park Boquete

If you're lucky you will be able to see the elusive Quetzal bird.  Gorgeous terrain here for a hike.

Coming back (as I said prior that roads loop back) instead of taking a left, towards the Lost Castle, go straight and you will have a beautiful drive back into Boquete.  It's the long way around, but it's worth it, besides, who wants to go back the same way you came?  :)

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